About Game

“Magic balls” is a game with a bit nostalgic gameplay similar to games from the 90`s. It's easy and funny logical casual: colored balls, appear on the screen in a random sequence, and we need to blow them as much as possible.


Actually, it was first game for social networks made by Geim.pro. During only the first week at Ok.ru the game gained 500k users, and now has grown to 5 millions! Also, the “Magic Balls” was in top5 games of polish social network “NaszaKlasa”. The game has become a true hit among casual games.


Game statistics:

(a few interesting facts about project) 

  7 000 000   110 000   ~1300
 Registered  Active players per day   Online (depending on the season)


25 minutes 
play time per day 
38 years
players average age





1 - Russia, 2 - Ukraine, 3 - Poland


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