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“Ishtwar” is an exciting browser-based MMORPG, created in 2008. Fantasy style game with interesting and progressive gameplay, interactive map, fantastic game environment,and large object pool of gaming arts: hundreds of items, monstrous creatures, animations, presents, open and private chat channels, the possibility to find and join a player clan and lots of other features…


But the online games production by Mail.Ru Group, based on the same game engine, has flooded the young market of fantasy style games. Accordingly to statistics 70 percent of gamers preferred games in fantasy style,as well as fantasy movies hit the cinema world. So the game took its own place among online games, and managed to become the best game for those who enjoyed that game world.

Game statistics:

(few interesting facts about project) 

  53000   1019   ~280
  Registered  Active players per day   Online (depending the season)


7 hours 
play time per day  
27 years
players' average age





1 - Ukraine 2 - Russia 3 - Belorussia


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